Prairie Five Rides

Prairie Five Rides operates city bus service in seven cities in our five county region. The city bus is an on-demand service which operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. When possible, please call the Dispatch office in advance to schedule your ride, (877) 757-4337.

All Prairie Five Rides vans and buses are equipped with ramps or lifts for safe and easy accessibility for passengers using wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, etc.


City Service Fares
City Fare (one-way): $2.00
Youth Punch Card (25 Punches): $25.00
General Punch Card (20 Punches): $25.00
Senior Punch Card (16 Punches): $15.00
Unlimited Monthly Pass: $35.00
Kids Unlimited Summer Pass: $40.00
Youth Unlimited School Year Passes
Youth Unlimited School Year Passes
1 Child Family: $220.00
$50.00 each additional child
$400.00 maximum per family